May 28, 2023

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Kodak Black did WHAT at an NHL Game?!

During last night’s Florida Panthers game rapper and newly introduced NHL enthusiast, Kodak Black, was spotted getting wild in his upper level suite. In what is arguably one of the funniest situations I’ve ever seen in the hockey world, Kodak was spotted apparently banging some chick in the middle of the game with spectators on either side of him more interested in back shots than back checks.

After further Twitter investigation it seems no sexual penetration had occurred, at least not at at that very moment in the suite. Apparently Kodak was doing the Christian thing by simply accepting an over the pants twerk, an honorable move to say the least. Regardless, to have some chick tryna start a fire on your nut sack while the entire Florida hockey community watches was one of the wildest things I’ve ever even heard of. No way in hell Kodak didn’t take that shit to the suite bathroom and show that chick his super gremlin.

When asked why he thought it was a good idea to dry hump some chick in front of the whole arena, Kodak told his team “I thought the glass in the suite was tinted,” only for them to remind him the glass was clear and he was still wearing sunglasses. Kodak may go down as the first and only man to throw pants-on back shots at a game in NHL history. That record, ladies and gentlemen, is right up there with Gretzky’s point total as untouchable. Florida should hang this dude’s jersey from the rafters because that’s the only interesting thing to come out of the Panther’s organization since its inception.

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