February 2, 2023

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Kim Jong Il is the Best Golfer of All Time

If you were to guess who was arguably the best golfer to ever walk this planet, you’d probably be wrong. Is it Tiger Woods, maybe Jack Nicklaus, or how about Ben Hogan even? Nope, it’s ex-North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il. That’s right, the late Il was not only a tyrannical communist dictator, but an avid golfer who in just his first ever golf outing shot a remarkable 38 under par. That’s right, you read that correctly… 38 under. On his first outing! Combine that with the 11 hole in ones he had in that same round and you easily get the greatest golfer to ever pick up the sticks.

I know what you’re wondering, how could a man with such a busy schedule of starving and torturing his own people have the time to practice enough to shoot 38 under? Well that’s just it, Kim Jong Il didn’t need practice. He had something bums like Tiger or Palmer didn’t: Natural Talent. With a 7,000 plus yard course at Pyongyang Golf Club the feat was no easy task.

That means Kim would’ve needed to ace at least a few holes over +200 yards in length, something a man of his astounding stature at 5’3″ would easily be counted out of any possibility of accomplishment. But don’t forget Il’s “ace in the hole,” the fact that he was a god incarnate… and still somehow died of a heart attack anyways.

Kim Jong Il

Personally I think it’s amazing he was able to complete such an iconic performance after only picking up the game at the ripe age of 52. Imagine if he’d been playing his entire life. I mean the guy could’ve easily shot 54 under, no question. Sure, Tiger’s got 82 wins and Jack’s got 18 majors, but do either of them have a world record 38 under par? Not a chance. Until they get even close to this remarkable feat keep Tiger’s name out of your mouth and put Kim’s in when talking greatest golfers of all time. It’s all propaganda here, don’t let American media dismiss the fact that the greatest golfer of all time was a North Korean dictator.

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