March 20, 2023

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We human beings dominate virtually every living creature that dwells alongside our species on this planet. On land we have obviously established ourselves as “daddy,” but in the ocean something else holds that title: Killer Whales. While they may seem cute and cuddly to everyone who’s ever seen a Seaworld show, in reality these oceanic beasts might be the most savage creatures on the planet. But what makes Free Willy so damn scary to every sea creature in its path?

Slapping seals 80 feet in the air for no reason – Imagine eating salmon but right before you take your first bite you punt it across the room. That’s basically what Orcas do when they smack seals 80 feet in the air before eating them. It’s been argued as to why Orcas deem it necessary to smack a seal so ridiculously high instead of catching and eating them. Some researchers believe it stuns the seal to make eating easier, some think it may soften their tissue for chewing. But if you don’ think the other Orcas are laughing their asses off watching Kevin the whale smack a seal like he’s punting a football then you’re lying to yourself.

They Hypnotize Sharks and eat them alive – Yep, they actually do this. Orcas are known to regularly attack and sometimes eat massive great white sharks. But it’s not eating them that’s savage, it’s how they do it. Somehow through trial and error these genius whales found out if they flip a shark upside down they go into a state of shock and hypnotizes themselves, freezing in place. After they’re frozen the whales eat the shark alive and consume its liver which some scientists argue is an attempt to get high off of the serotonin in the shark’s liver. But it doesn’t take a scientist to realize the Orcas definitely think it’s hilarious to flip a shark over and fuck with it. This is essentially the human cow tipping equivalent of Orcas in nature.

They smack stingrays for no reason – For whatever reason Orcas seem to find smacking different creatures with their tails to be absolutely hilarious. While stingrays are a part of their regular eating regiment, Orcas often times will smack stingrays passing them by and leave the stunned animal floating without even taking a bite. Again, it’s been argued they might do this for fun which is absolutely savage. That’s like walking past a dog and deciding to smack it just to do it. It’s no wonder virtually every mammal in the ocean tries to avoid Orcas. These whales are the definition of savages.

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