March 20, 2023

The Tap Daily

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Keep your Student ID!!

Most people graduate college and throw their student ID in a drawer never to be looked at again (if you haven’t already lost it). But you might want to think twice about discarding what could actually be quite a lucrative piece of plastic.

See, when you’re a student, you don’t realize it, but you magically get access to sooo many things at a discount (or even free), just by presenting the ever powerful student ID.

Everything from tickets, to electronics, to food… that student ID is seriously the cheat code to early adulthood. No joke, a few months back I was able to get into the Orsay Museum in Paris completely free (rather than paying 30 euros for a ticket), all because I had my Student ID on me.

And it doesn’t stop there…Want to see the Northman for $3? Pretend to be a student, it’s easy as that. And don’t forget about discounted food! Most restaurants near a college campus would happily offer a 10-15% discounts to people who present a “Student ID” at their meal. It never says you actually have to be a student. I got a full ass burrito for $8 last week all because I had a student ID to prove I was, indeed, at one time, a student.

There is nothing shameful about hunting for a bargain, it’s rough out there! Did you know, even Apple has wild discounts for students and/or teachers on their MacBooks and iPads. You’d be foolish to go computer shopping and say you’re not a student. Even if you’re looooong graduated from college, keep those student IDs, they’re way more helpful in your wallet than sitting in a drawer.

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