February 6, 2023

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Kanye West Prepares for ‘Donda’ Listening Party on Thurday

Kanye West at a new album listening party

Source: Complex

Using the word party to describe what Kanye is doing feels like a bit of an understatement. According to Chicago ABC7 News, the rapper will be hosting a “listening experience” in Chicago’s Soldier Field this Thursday. The show will feature a recreation of Kanye’s childhood home in the center of the stadium, and will likely offer a one-of-a-kind performance akin to his previous album “unveiling” in Atlanta’s United Stadium. Until now, news sources had been informed that Kanye was living in United Stadium until his new album, ‘Donda’ was complete.

Kanye West's recreated childhood home in the middle of Chicago's Soldier Field
Source: ABC7 Chicago

While ‘Donda’ was originally set to drop in mid-July, it was later pushed to early August, and then further still. While the public has yet to hear West’s finished album, the artist’s return to his home city of Chicago for a ‘listening experience’ may signify that he is ready to finally release the new music. Likewise, by recreating his childhood home, Kanye may be trying to honor his late mother, whom ‘Donda’ is named after. Fans of the rapper can only cross their fingers and wait until later this week to see what West has planned. Regardless of whether the album drops or not, the ‘listening experience’ will surely make headlines that draw even more anticipation to the project.

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