February 2, 2023

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Kanye West Has Legally Changed His Name to “Ye”

The rapper formally known as Kanye West made good on a longtime promise to change his name to “Ye” this week when a California judge granted his legal request. West has been mentioning his plan to change his name legally to Ye since the release of his 2018 studio album of the same name.

Honestly for Kanye this isn’t the worst it could be. For a while there he was considering changing his name legally to “Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West.” Yes, he actually was considering it and, given that we’re talking about Kanye West here, he’d probably have done it just to make massive waves in the media. Considering how many different, completely fucked up directions he could’ve gone with a name change Ye is the most understandable, especially due to its derivative nickname, Yeezy, a name by which Kanye’s been labeled and called himself for decades.

kanye west

After making a splash in the music world when he dropped his most recent album, ‘Donda,’ earlier this year it only makes sense Kanye would ride the wave of relevance with a major publicity move like this. I mean the dude no longer has a last name. It’s just Ye. He’s the McLovin of the rap world. I guess now that it’s been done all that’s left to say is long live Kanye West, welcome Ye.

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