February 2, 2023

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July 14th Was National Nude Day

How is this a holiday?

Yep, that’s right. Yesterday was apparently National Nude Day – a holiday that originated in New Zealand during the early 2000s and has since spread to over 30 nations across the globe. While the concept of spending a day buck naked may seem strange to a lot of people (yours truly included), the concept of nudism or naturism has been prevalent throughout all of human history.

When delving into history, it is clear that the act of letting it all hang out was rather common around the world. For example, the ancient Greeks would compete in the nude during their Olympic games. While some scholars link this practice to an existential appreciation of the human form, I’m sure naked running and wrestling led to a large number of black and blue gonads – hence why the tradition is no longer practiced today. Even so, nudism endured throughout the years. The practice was even present amongst America’s founding fathers, with good ol’ Ben Franklin being known to soak up Vitamin D in his birthday suit from time to time. Imagine seeing that on the $100 bill.

While the idea of public nudity may sound uncomfortable (and oftentimes illegal), you don’t have to attend a Free the Nipple rally or bare your cheeks at a nude beach to act like a naturalist. I for one prefer air drying after a shower rather than using a towel, much to the discontent of my neighbors. Supposedly, going au natural can offer some real health benefits too, such as increased blood flow and brain neuron stimulation. So next time you’ve got the house to yourself, consider stripping off those tidy whities and shaking what your momma gave ya.

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