September 24, 2022

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Jorge Masvidal is a Savage for This

If you know anything about UFC fighters then you understand seeing one fight in public is extremely rare. In order for these guys to fight competitively they must register their hands as deadly weapons, thus making every street fight they get into basically an automatic prison sentence if caught. Normally these guys are the most tame and disciplined people when it comes to fighting randoms, but when the situation calls for the fighter to defend themselves, UFC start Jorge Masvidal doesn’t hold back.

While in a random club, Masvidal was approached by two men who immediately started provoking him by flicking a gold chain he had around his neck. Unsure if the guys were trying to rob him or taunt him, Jorge immediately reacted to the situation by knocking each guy out with one punch a piece. After laying out the two dudes Masvidal dipped to the bathroom to avoid all of the commotion, but the craziness followed him.

jorge masvidal

While in the restroom another guy walked in and approached Jorge from behind. Once again out of a situation of uncertainty Jorge knocked the dude out with one punch and rushed out of the bathroom in absolutely savage fashion. Now the validity of this story is only as good as the guy’s word who’s telling it, but honestly this sounds like a move from a guy who gives zero fucks which is right up Masvidal’s alley.

If you take away two things from this story it should be these: Don’t ever fuck with a trained MMA fighter while drinking at a club or bar, and Jorge Masvidal is an absolute savage.

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