June 5, 2023

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Joe Rogan Takes Livestock Medicine as Covid-19 Treatment

Joe Rogan

Source: Spotify

Popular comedian, UFC commentator, and podcast host, Joe Rogan, announced on Wednesday that he had tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. The announcement came from Rogan’s Instagram, where he said that he started to feel symptoms after returning from a set of stand-up shows in Florida. Since the news came out, keyboard warriors have taken Twitter to spout vigorous criticism towards the celebrity. Many folks claim that Rogan has been a proponent of misinformation, citing his prior comments on how he doesn’t believe young and healthy folks should get vaccinated. To Joe’s credit, he did state later on The Joe Rogan Experience that he’s not a doctor, and people shouldn’t take his word as such. Likewise, the public figure has been very honest with audiences on how he has received the vaccine months prior.

Perhaps the craziest part of this story is how people are reacting to the medications Joe has supposedly taken to treat the sickness. Among them include prednisone and monoclonal antibodies – aka the medicinal cocktail Trump was given when he caught the ‘vid during the end of his term. Haters on social media are barking at Joe for talking a big game about how unnecessary the vaccine is, when he’s got the cash to spend on top-shelf treatments. I get it, everyone likes to hate on a rich celebrity. However, the real internet riot broke out when Rogan stated that he had also taken ivermectin – a drug primarily used to deworm sheep and horses. Gross.

Ivermectin has been a heated point in the Covid treatment debate. While the FDA has warned that it is ineffective towards treating the virus, it apparently did the trick for good ol’ Joe. In reality, all of the internet trolling is just a bunch of empty noise. Anyone complaining that Joe Rogan is a hypocrite, or Joe Rogan is an idiot for taking animal meds would probably do the same thing if they had access to the money, resources, and experts that Joe does. People take everything everyone says so seriously these days. We’re talking about a podcast host that does DMT, bow hunts elk, and posts his ice baths to social media. The dude’s a madman and there ain’t no way he’s falling for the cancel culture bullshit.

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