June 5, 2023

The Tap Daily

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Japanese Game Shows Are Electric

If you are anything like me, I’m sure you get bored of American television. We can only see so many seasons of the Bachelor, American Idol and other shows that we already now and love. Lately, I have been deep into Japanese Game Show TikTok and it has sparked my interest into watching it more frequently.

Japanese game shows are absolutely electric and need to be more mainstream in the United States. You can get gems like the slippery stairs that is better than anything I have ever watched. Who doesn’t want to watch 6 contestants race to the top of a lubed-up flight of stairs? I have to imagine that I would be good at this. I have a lot of experience with lube like this for non-sexual reasons so I believe I would have a high chance of winning the race.

Next, this guy above has to eat an entire bowl of pasta while being shoved inside a moving dryer? Pasta is already hard enough to eat as it is. Not only only is the dryer moving but it also is cranking the heat up in there. As hard as this seems it is hilarious and would never be allowed to be filmed in America because of how unsafe it is. This is a contusion waiting to happen but of some reason it is so God damn amusing.

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