February 2, 2023

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The Jake Paul Fight Sucked as Expected

For those of you who wasted $59.99 on the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley fight, I say you should never give financial advice to anyone because that was a very stupid way to spend money. While it may have been one of the bigger pay per view events in recent years, all that really means is a higher amount of people across the world were duped into thinking this would be a legit fight. Spoiler alert, it wasn’t.

Jake Paul fight stats

This was arguably one of the most boring PPV fights in history. Not a single knockdown, hardly any punches landed by either opponent and the guy everyone hates ended up taking home the split decision victory. My opinion? The match was rigged. It looked to me like Tyron Woodley was holding back some of his notorious striking power he’d often displayed in his knockout-fueled UFC career. He did land a hard right hook in round 4 that sent Paul flying into the ropes, but if that single incident is the highlight of the fight then you know the rest absolutely blew.

I’d rather make a down payment at the nut sack doctor to have my balls removed than spend $59.99 on another Paul brothers fight. And for those of you hyping them up saying shit like “they’re really putting in the work” or “they’ve both matured a lot”… Fuck yourself. These guys are douchebags, they always will be douchebags and if you think for once we’ll actually see Jake Paul fight a decent boxer anytime soon then you’re outta your damn mind.

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