June 5, 2023

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Jacob Trouba’s Throwing Some Sketchy Hits

This one almost gave me flashbacks to the Scott Stevens days of regularly watching careers end with a cheap shot to the head. Earlier this week Chicago Blackhawks forward, Jujhar Khaira, was taken off the ice and transported to a local hospital after taking a brutal hit to the head from Rangers defenseman, Jacob Trouba. The highly illegal check thrown by Trouba created a scary moment for fans and teammates after the hit to the head knocked Khaira completely unconscious causing him to drop hard to the ice and hit his head.

Apparently since the hit Trouba has reached out to apologize to Khaira who is expected to make a full recovery, but this incident hasn’t stopped Trouba from being an absolute savage on the ice. In last night’s game between the Colorado Avalanche and the Rangers, Trouba once again went for the big hit when he laid out Avs star, Nathan MacKinnon. Once again, the check was thrown at a player whose head was completely down which put MacKinnon at risk of serious injury, something Avs captain, Gabriel Landeskog didn’t like.

Personally I thought these hits were a flashback to the old school hockey most lifetime fans have grown up seeing. Hockey used to be player where anyone with their head down was fair game, but now due to decades of career ending concussion issues from star players taking hits like these the league has cracked down on vicious hits. I’m not saying the Khaira hit was good. Honestly I’m just surprised Jacob Trouba was even allowed to play in New York last night. But I will say seeing a game with the old school hits and subsequent fights was a nice flashback to a wilder version of an already dangerous game.

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