February 2, 2023

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It’s National Sports Day, so Watch Something

Happy National Sports Day to all my gambling degenerates! It’s the most wonderful time of the year for any sports fan: October. The only month in the year where all four of the major sports in the United States, NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA will at one point be active at the same time. Even college football’s getting deep into the season and I think the WNBA is about to start, if you’re a fan of sub-par layups.

Today you pick your poison or try watching a little bit of everything. College football games are littered throughout the day, the NHL has a few afternoon games scheduled and the MLB playoffs are in the National and American League championships. Basically what I’m telling you is if you don’t watch some form of American sports today you have ZERO excuse. This is THE Saturday to sit around with friends and slam a few beers while watching a bunch of Canadians tear up the ice.

national sports day

Better yet, go outside and… ah, who am I kidding? This is America, baby! We ain’t playin’ sports today, we’re binging them. So I’ll be doing the patriotic thing today by plopping my lazy ass down on the couch for 9 hours straight and watching every game I possibly can illegally stream on my laptop before getting a crazy virus. My bookie better be ready for a payout because I’m gonna be throwing out 10 leg parlays all day, babay! LET’S GET IT!!

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