June 5, 2023

The Tap Daily

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Island Boy: Why Are They Famous Now?

We need to make a stand. I get it, TikTok and other social media platforms are huge and in my opinion, anyone can get famous if they really want to. the Island Boy videos that are all over social media are making these kids famous and I have no idea why.

First off, in this video they don’t even sing well? they are clearly making up the lyrics, singing off beat, and trying to piece a song together by repeating the same lines over and over. I can’t really understand what they’re saying half the time and they sound like a moaning dog with peanut butter all over their mouth. At the end of the day, these dudes look like they need to eat a full sized meal and maybe wash their hair. the face tats are always a plus tho because they look badass and are probably tough enough to beat Mike Tyson in an arm wrestling match.

I get it, they have crazy hair and enough tattoos to cover the surface of Lizzo’s jacket if you laid it out on a bed, But shit I just don’t get why these dudes are blowing up. Im just trying to avoid another “Catch me outside how-bow-daaa” situation.

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