February 2, 2023

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You ever do a stupid “after the whistle” play in Chel and think, “hm, I wonder how that would look in real life?” Well look no further, because in last week’s Ducks vs. Rangers game Trevor Zegras pulled the ultimate bonehead move by shooting the puck after the play was whistled dead into an empty and even more confusingly, dislodged net.

I know this happened a few days ago, but I’m just getting to see it now. Not only was the net dislodged and the play whistled dead, he also shot it right over the face of his own teammate- and then celebrated!?!? Naturally, the Rangers responded in the proper fashion and scrummed it up.

Trevor Zegras is Ready for the Big Time - The Hockey News

It’s widely regarded as a hockey no-no. Do not shoot the puck into the net after the play is whistled down. What the hell is he thinking? I feel like Tortorella here but like, was Zegras on drugs or something? Who in their right mind would do a play like that? Now, I’m not gonna go around calling this a “suspensionable or finable offense” but he should at least have to admit how much of an idiot he was.

Stupid, Zegras. Empty nets are for kids!

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