March 20, 2023

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5 Ways to Tell if Your Significant Other is a Sociopath

In an age of online dating, blind dates and loneliness, it can be hard to discern the true character of the person you’re seeing.  Anyone can put on a smile and ask a few appropriate questions over a couple drinks, but when you take that next step in the relationship, how can you be sure that this person is not a sociopath?  This list will not include going through someone’s phone, or picking up on subtle physical queues; this is the definitive way to tell if that person you’ve been seeing is a sociopath or not.  If your significant other is displaying ANY of these behaviors, it is time to seriously evaluate your relationship, and if its worth keeping.

5.) They attempt to guess every person’s shoe size you interact with– While this may be a harmless foot fetish, it should be noted that this person may have an unhealthy obsession with feet.  This becomes even more concerning if you were to find a massive stockpile of various assorted shoes hidden somewhere in their home

Sociopath shoe collection

4.) They enjoy trips to animal slaughter houses– While this may be a fun activity every once in a while, when you find your significant other making routine trips to the slaughter house, as if going to a movie, you may have stumbled on a red flag.

It’s their ‘happy place’

3.) Assorted jars of preserved baby animal carcasses within their home- While a COUPLE jars of preserved baby animal carcasses could be considered Boho-Chic décor, any more than a couple may be a sign that your significant other is keeping things from you. 

‘Hey Babe? Can I toss the Orangutan? I think it’s starting to turn.’

2.) They have a secret crawl space that emits a putrid smell- While the rest of the behaviors on this list could be seen as endearing by some, a secret crawl space which emits a putrid smell is a sure sign that your significant other is keeping things from you, and possibly even cheating on you.  If they are not willing to give you a tour of this crawl space, its time to sit down and have a serious conversation about the parameters of your relationship. 

Red flag ladies!

  1.) They love The Big Bang Theory– If your significant other loves the show The Big Bang Theory you should contact your local authorities IMMEDITIALEY, as this person poses an immediate threat to people around them.  This person is unstable and is without a doubt a sociopath.  Please, help yourself and run away as soon as you are able to.  This is by far the most telling sign of a sociopath.         

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