November 29, 2022

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Is the World Better off With or Without Social Media?

It’s crazy to believe most kids born in the early 2000’s and on have never experienced a world without iPhones or Instagram. As a 90’s baby myself, I’ve been lucky enough to see how simple the world can be when people aren’t constantly checking every social media app they have to see how people are interacting with their latest post. 90’s babies know both a world with and without social media, but which version of social connection is better?

social media

Let’s be honest right off the bat by pointing out that social media is a false reality. In real life you can’t put filters on your image, you can’t have thousands of people hear your latest ridiculous thought like twitter allows now. In reality you simply exist with the rest of us and the only way to truly connect with friends is on the phone or in person.

The problem with social media’s false reality is people often create a false persona to go along with their “perfect” profile and expect only that… perfection. But the truth of the matter is nobody’s perfect, and when these kids realize their profile isn’t as great as some model in Brazil they take it way too personally.

The alternative reality we all once enjoyed without social media or iPhones was pretty much blissful ignorance. You were allowed to just live your life with you friends in your hometown who could only be reached by their sidekick or landline home phone. THAT’S IT! No DM’s or comments section. If you wanted to see someone you had to see them physically in person. Something about that is real and leaves no room for the fake personalities that Instagram allows which destroy the confidence and self images of young girls and guys across the world.

Social media is poison. People remember the early 2000’s as the good ol’ days because that’s what they were. A time of simplicity where not everything was political ammo for Twitter and you could live your life without worrying what people on social media were going to find out you said or did 10 years earlier. I stand by the idea that the world is better off without the toxic environment of social media and if I had my way Zuckerberg and the rest of the silicon valley douchebags would be out of a job for good.

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