March 20, 2023

The Tap Daily

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Is the Sunburn Worth It?

I recently returned home from a wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and I got fried down there. As a white Irishman, I can tan a bit but not like the locals south of the border. Of course, I didn’t bring sunscreen for a 4 day vacation because I though I didn’t need it. I got more sun than a tanning booth but it was all worth it. Maybe.

After day 1 I looked like a lobster and I was. the talk of the resort. Not only did everyone make fun of me, but the bride was pissed because I was a groomsman and needed to actually be a part of the wedding. This made for an awkward first dinner because she wanted me to stay out of the sun for the rest of the trip, which I didn’t do of course. Naturally, I went in the sun everyday and for 4 hours before the wedding even began at 5 PM. This was a good choice I think.

However, 2 days after I got home I had the best tan I’ve had in years and its all good now. I look like a sun kissed king and can move again. I almost got blisters from the sunburn it was so bad but its worth it in the end. I’m waiting for the skin to peel which will of course be funny but that should come in the next couple of days at best.

But was it worth it? Yes, certainly.

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