February 2, 2023

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Is Pete Davidson Banging Kim Kardashian?

I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Hollywood gossip, but when I first saw pictures of the comedian and porn tape legend together I had to ask the question: Is Pete Davidson banging Kim Kardashian? The answer is most likely. Davidson and Kim K were spotted holding hands while riding a rollercoaster together at Knott’s Berry Farm in Orange County.

Pete Davidson banging Kim Kardashian

Now normally I wouldn’t care about anything Kim Kardashian does in her life unless it has something to do with her getting robbed again in Paris, but allegedly Pete Davidson is hung like a moose so naturally I thought it was hilarious to follow up on the story. When asked by Us Weekly, a source close to Kim said the two were” just friends”, but let’s be honest here. When your “friend” is packin’ that shmeat and you two are snuggling up to each other holding hands it’s fair to guess Kim K’s ridden more than just splash mountain with Pete.

As a fan of comedy it’s nice to see a member of the comic community coming up so often with the hottest women in the celebrity world. First Arianna Grande, now Kim K? AND this dude has a hog shlong? Good for you, Pete. Keep up the jokes, buddy. They seem to be doing well by you as of now. All I know is Kanye’s definitely going to plot some crazy revenge dig on Pete, be it a song or just straight up murder. Watch out, Pete.

Link: Us Weekly Article

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