March 31, 2023

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Is Netflix Going Extinct?

Netflix stock has dropped 40% this week, their biggest drop since the company’s public trading existence. The massive tank comes in the wake of an announcement that the streaming platform lost over 200,000 subscribers and is on track to lose an additional 2 million in the next 3 months. How does this effect the stock price so significantly? Well 200k people dropping your service means a massive dip in subscription fees and a financial loss reaching easily into the billions. Compound that with a projected loss 10 fold of what’s already happened and we’re looking at the potential collapse of one of the biggest streaming platforms out there.


Netflix claims the reason for these drastic losses stem from the war in Ukraine, as does every goddamn company that seems to be doing a shitty job at upholding a positive status quo. Along with the financial losses to a massive increase in streaming platform competition and you get the perfect storm of “it’s not our fault” from the C-level suite of Netflix.

Now some of this may be true, especially the massive increase in individual streaming platforms from massive broadcasting companies, but c’mon guys, you can’t blame Russia for everything. If that were the case I would’ve told my roommate the Russians ate his leftover chimichangas but unfortunately he’s not a clueless fuckin’ idiot like the people who believe that bullshit excuse.

Now maybe, and I’m just spitballing here, maybe it has to do with the fact that Netflix has been pumping out absolutely dog shit movies for the last year. Giving Ryan Reynolds $20 million to star in a dumpster fire scripted film won’t save your ridiculous originals business model, Netflix. When Elon Musk is directly chirping your stock on Twitter you know you’ve fucked up.

Some advice? Go back to keeping the rom-coms and sitcom shows we all are desperate to binge on your app. Enough of the forced woke content. We get it Netflix, you love the LGBTQ+ community. Nobody said you didn’t. Nobody needs to be reminded racism is bad. We know. So why don’t you start focusing on making movies that are actually entertaining and stop with the woke bullshit? But what do I know, right? At least I don’t have a nosediving stock right now though.

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