March 31, 2023

The Tap Daily

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Is It Too Early To Play Christmas Music?

The short answer: Fuck no! Halloween is over! ’Tis the season! Christmas music appropriately begins November 1st and doesn’t end until Santa pushes his fat ass back up that chimney. 

Christmas music is the best kind of music. Listening to it just makes you happier, and a better person. And Christmas music is so good! You can’t tell me that Frank Sinatra’s Christmas album isn’t all bangers.

“But it’s too early! What about Thanksgiving?”

First of all, how are we still celebrating Thanksgiving? Didn’t we cancel it along with DaBaby and David Dorbrik? Now I’m not saying Thanksgiving deserves to canceled, but if that’s one less holiday I have to sit at the kid’s table as a GROWN ADULT eating dry turkey and then be forced to say what I’m thankful for… I’ll take it. Don’t die on the sinking hill that is Thanksgiving.

Besides the Queen of Christmas has announced it’s time. That’s right, Mariah Carey has defrosted from her icy chamber and has remerged into the world to declare the official start of the Christmas music season. Ring the bells!

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