February 2, 2023

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Is Barney Stinson the Greatest TV Character of All Time???

I can’t lie to any of you. I fucking love How I Met Your Mother. There are so many great characters on the show that are lovable and relatable. Other than, Lily of course. She is the worst. The best by far is Barney Stinson because he is a straight up stud. He is smart, funny, makes a ton of money and is a total scumbag.

First off, he is a high roller. No-one really knows what he does on a day to day basis at his job at Goliath National Bank. That being said, the entire time he worked there he was really a government informant who was feeding the FBI key info to lock up the worst criminals imaginable…. American business executives. Not only did he make bank while doing it, but he was also working for the greater good. Who doesn’t want to penalize executives for working to further their career and run a company?

Next, Barney is the most hilarious character on the show. He has the best on-liners in the series and is lovable while still being a total douche who should be the most hated personality on the show. I bet everyone wishes they were as funny as Barney is and could think of jokes like his. Straight up knee-slappers.

Lastly, Barney is a total scumbag who entertains everyone with his conquests. The Playbook, his work of art highlighting the different schemes he used to bang different chicks, is. straight up hysterical. Barney lied about being a blind guy who needed help walking home to bang a chick. How does he get away with that? Not only that, but he lied about being the Prince of Nigeria to wheel. I’m not sure about you, but he used the most generic phone scam to seduce a girl and to me, that is what makes America great, having the freedom to pull moves like that. The guy needs to be locked up.

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