February 2, 2023

The Tap Daily

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Is 3D Printing Getting Out Of Hand?

I understand that technology is advancing. We have never stopped improving as a people and it shows. However, this 3d printing shit is getting cray. For starters, 3d printers are a machine that mechanically prints anything you want. You can print guns, cars, pens or anything else that you see fit. But where is the line?

I read tat doctors are now 3d printing organs for certain patients that need a transplant. This is great technology, but when does it stop? Are we becoming too advanced as a society and people will be able to love forever? I myself don’t want to live past 75 years old because there is nothing fun to do at that point. I would just walk around and use my cane to intentionally hit people, objects or knock things over to start a fuss and just blame it on my being old as shit.

If I had a printer, I would probably use it for evil. And by evil, I mean print off large sculptures of the statue of David with an enormous erection. Also, I would focus on printing items that I could hide in peoples cars, houses or anywhere where they will be seen and make sure they’re as inappropriate as possible. All in all, I think this technology is far too advanced for our brains to handle.

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