February 6, 2023

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Influencer Risks Her Life For A Dump-Truck

Influencer Danii Banks recently revealed she has spent nearly $10,000 on butt-cheek injections.  The social media model, with nearly 7 million followers on instagram, only recently became aware that she almost risked her life for her ass.

  After appearing on the reality show Botched earlier this month, Banks was told that her sketchy operation could have stopped her heart.  Banks told the two surgeons who host the show that she was given this procedure in, “the basement of a spa.”  We are familiar with illegal gambling rings and hand-jobs, but we can now add illegal ass surgeries to the list of spa basement activities. 


When the surgeons asked how this procedure was carried out, Banks told the hosts, “They put two holes, one on each side of the cheek, and then filled up the big syringes-they were huge syringes.”  The surgeons raised their concerns to whether her butt cheeks were actually filled with medical-grade hydrogel, which is often used for procedures like this one, to which Banks responded with a shrug.  This means a spa worker could have easily dumped a few snack pack-puddings into Danii Banks ass.  But in her mind, as long as she’s fully cheeked up, there’s no cause for concern. 

The doctor who carried out Banks’ ass procedure

The surgeons told Banks that this procedure could have easily had fatal results, and could have possibly stopped her heart.  They advised her to not go through with any type of procedure that tampers with her already huge clappers.  However, this initial surgery on her butt left it mangled and uneven, you know, because it’s filled with pudding or possibly Jell-O.  Banks however said that she still, “Might potentially seek ways to fix the imperfections.”  When your whole life is built around your ass, it makes sense that you would put your life on the line for it. 

One more for ya.

With butts getting bigger and bigger each day, a domino effect of ass surgeries is bound to take place.  This could be the era of the ass-race, the successor to the great space-race.  Instagram models are now competing for the largest most bodacious butts.  And where there’s an influencer with ass dreams, there is a spa owner with a massive needle and a life supply of Snack Packs waiting to make some money.  We are no longer looking at Pam Anderson-Baywatch jugs; we have now left the B.A. (before ass) era, and have entered A.T. (after tits.)  We’ll read about this in the history books one day.        

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