March 31, 2023

The Tap Daily

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I’m Scared Shitless Of The Ocean

In reality, the ocean is the most questionable area of our earth. Since our oceans cover over 70% of the earth, its safe to say we should now more about it by now. However, more and more expeditions targeting unknown depths in the sea are being funded and executed on a regular basis. We’re starting to learn more about what the fucks down there, but this is the shit that scares me.

The image above is something that I could never describe to anyone. This fish is found in the deepest part of the ocean, the Mariana Trench, found in the Pacific Ocean. This trench is 36,201 feet deep and is almost 7 miles deep for you math nuts. Its safe to say we know almost nothing thats down there. Well, we know the penis fish above is, for sure.

This next fish looks evil and is massive. Again, theres no name for this but it looks creepy as fuck. Not sure if its a man eater or what but I really don’t want to find out. What that neck do?

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