March 31, 2023

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If You Won a Championship, Where Would You Go To Party?

With the Bucks just closing in on their first NBA title since 1971 and the NHL season recently ending, championship celebrations are in full swing.  There’s nothing better than watching professional athletes get tanked all summer after they win a title.  I always imagine what I would do if I won a championship and can’t wait for the day I finally crack an NHL lineup.  Here are my top championship celebration ideas:

Private jet to Vegas – I envy the 2018 Washington Capitals for many reasons but mainly because they clinched their first Stanley Cup in Vegas on the strip.  Can you imagine how sick that would be? You win the toughest trophy on the planet and take a 1 minute walk to the Vegas strip with your best friends.  If I won any title, I would rip to Vegas with my teammates and probably spend my kids’ college tuition money in about 45 minutes.  Obviously, we would club the night away and probably go to sleep at 12PM the next day.  

Amsterdam trip – There are no rules when it comes to championship celebrations.  If that is the case, why not go somewhere where rules are treated more like “general guidelines”.  I’ve never been to Amsterdam, but I’ve heard great things about the place.  Between the legal drugs, awesome nightlife and hot chicks who have no idea what championship you won, you can’t go wrong with Amsterdam for any celebratory occasion.  

Cabo San Lucas – Cabo trips are already a blast to say the least.  I can’t think of a better place to be than on a boat in Mexico doing keg stands off of a trophy I just won.  Everyone would be drunk enough to start a belly flop competition by 10 in the morning and the locals will feed us with booze and legal drugs.  God, who doesn’t love going to the pharmacy down there? 

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