March 31, 2023

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If You Like Dogs and Money then Download Rover

Are you a dog person who’s desperately trying to find an easy side hustle to cover your weekend benders? Look no further than the Rover app. Just like all of you fellow non-committing dog lovers I too have been back and forth about whether or not it’s ethical to cram a German Shepherd into a 1000 square foot apartment. Am I attacking you pandemic dog owners who adopted a furry friend only to send the poor thing right back to the pound because they were “too big” or “too much work?” Absolutely. Don’t ever take in a dog from the pound without the intention of keeping them permanently.


As for the rest of us who are actually intelligent, non selfish attention whores who simply love having a dog around but know we’re not quite ready for a full adoption, Rover’s the perfect too to see what it’s like having a dog in your day to day environment while also getting paid a fair amount just to feed and walk them. Basically Rover offers a chance for dog owners to hire pre-approved sitters to watch their dogs or even house sit to keep an eye on the animals in their own home.

Rates can rage anywhere from $29-$45 per night in pay. I know, right? Getting paid to hang out with dogs? Fuckin’ awesome! So for all you college kids or new couples out there who want to make some extra cash or do a “trial run” with a dog for a few nights, here’s how to get yourselves registered, approved and ready for Rover:

Apply and Pass Background Check – As long as you’re not some creepy animal pervert you should pass this section with flying colors. The questions and background checks are super easy to fill out. They’ll ask you things like do you have any experience with dogs? Do you own any dogs? Do you have a yard? and so on.

Once you complete the application you’ll have to submit to a background check which is standard policy for any Rover sitters to give piece of mind to their customers. The application charges a one time $35 fee but don’t worry, you’ll be making that back easily with your first dog sitting gig.

Complete Profile – Once you’re approved and your background check is completed you’re in! Next all you have to do is select a profile photo, gather 5-10 pictures of you with dogs to show you’re an animal person and write a great bio to show how much you love and know how to care for a dog. Here you’ll also set your starting nightly rate which is preset to $29 to start. You can change your initial fee but when you’re first starting out with no references from previous customers your low fee will be enticing to new clients. Once you get a few dogs under your belt you can easily raise that rate to your liking.

Fill out Calendar – The calendar, in my opinion, is the most important part. If you say you’re available every day for the entire month people will take that seriously and book you for multiple weeks on end. If you can do that then great, but if you don’t have the time to lug a dog around you with any upcoming holidays or events then make sure you are aware of your calendar and keep it up to date.

Gather Supplies for your Dogs – Now this part is something I personally didn’t do until I’d already had my first dog but definitely recommend doing before you have an animal stay in your home. Every Rover owner will supply a leash and food for that will last the amount of time they’ve requested you to watch their dog but it’s always smart to be prepared just in case.

I’d buy a cheap plastic set of bowls for food and water, maybe a ball or two to keep the little guy entertained and definitely a leash with poop bags. Sometimes the owner won’t realize they’re running low on shit bags so don’t be the asshole that cuts and runs with a steamy dump in your wake. Get the bags, dude. They’re cheap as fuck. As for the leash some can be confusing on how to use so if you prefer consistency and routine I’d just get your own.

If you’re planning on keeping the dog in a certain area of your apartment or home you might wanna invest in a cheap gate to close off a part of the room, especially if you’re going to leave the dog at home for a quick hour to run an errand. Remember, they’re dogs. If you leave them to roam free that’s exactly what they’ll do.

Check the Dog’s Profile and Schedule! – Once you’ve got all your preparation ready and supplies for the dog you’re set to schedule a sitting. With such a low rate you’ll most likely get a request in the first week or so which is awesome so be prepared. Some owners like to schedule a meet and greet before you actually watch the dog so be prepared to introduce yourself and allow them to see where you’ll be keeping the dog.

People want to know who and where they’re leaving their fur babies so be mindful. Once you’ve got it scheduled and have the leash in hand all you gotta do is follow the dog’s care instructions on their profile and enjoy! Oh, and you’re welcome for the side hustle suggestion.

Apply to Become a Rover Sitter HERE

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