March 31, 2023

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If you Haven’t Binged ‘The Boys’ Yet, Start NOW

There are very few active television shows I find worthy of a binge, especially when it comes to the trillion different superhero shows that saturate every streaming platform known to man. Trust me when I tell you that when it comes to superhero shows, if you haven’t already started, you might want to binge ‘The Boys.’

The Boys

Set in a world where super-powered people are praised and monetized, it is a well kept secret that most are corrupt. A group of vigilantes (called The Boys) come together to take down the superhero company Vought and their top “heroes”; The Seven. Imagine the Avengers were a multi-billion dollar corporation with the biggest asshole superheroes known to man and you pretty much get the setup for the show. Why watch though? Because it’s violent and absolutely hilarious.

Heads exploding, sex scenes and constant comedic bickering all play huge parts in the show that’s easily separated from the pack as arguably the best superhero show currently on the market. Don’t believe me? Just watch the first episode and I guarantee you’ll be hooked… Unless you’re a pretentious douchebag with no imagination or sense of humor.

The first two seasons of the show can be found exclusively on Amazon Prime, with the third and newest season set for release this coming June. So like I said, if you haven’t started binging I suggest you do ASAP, get caught up on the craziness of The Seven, and see just how big of an asshole Homelander really is. You’re welcome.

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