February 2, 2023

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If you could only have a hoodie, crew neck, or quarter-zip, for the rest of your life which would it be?

photography of guy wearing yellow hoodie

Photo by Marlene Leppänen on Pexels.com

Ahhhh the ultimate question – what would be my eternal sweatshirt? That’s right, if you could only wear hoodies, crewnecks, or quarter-zips for the rest of your life… which would it be? Up first, hoodies.

photography of guy wearing yellow hoodie
Photo by Marlene Leppänen on Pexels.com

Hoodies are soooo functional. Imagine sitting around a fire, and throwing up that hood. Or lying in bed, sick… all you want is that cozy, cozy hoodie. Hoodies go great underneath a jacket or at a football game, literally the perfectly stylish, warming attire. However, you gotta admit, hoodies aren’t the classiest looking garment in the game. They’re unbelievably informal and have this sort of “casual” connotation that I don’t know I’d be able to rely on if it were the only sweatshirt I were allowed to wear for the rest of my life. You can’t respectfully golf in a hoodie. You can’t be the guy who shows up to a nice dinner, in a hoodie. Hoodies just aren’t socially “accepted” for too many occasions I find myself in and that’s why I don’t think it’d be my “eternal sweatshirt.”

Quarter-zips are great, however, at times, I think they may in fact be too far on the opposite end of the “casual-formal” spectrum. You can go most places with a quarter-zip and having a collar is never a bad call. It’s always better to be over-dressed than under dressed. And now, more and more, you’re seeing NBA coaches rock the quarter-zip on the sidelines making it a way more accessible. The collar is always a nice touch, and throwing a quarter-zip on instead of a hoodie in your work Zoom instantly boost your professional credibility by 1,000%

The problem is, sometimes you run the risk of coming off like one of these preppy douchenozzles. Which you have to strictly avoid.

I just could never see myself going for a run or going to a nightclub wearing a quarter-zip and those are two things I do pretty frequently. So for that reason, quarter-zip would probably not be my “eternal sweatshirt.” Life’s about a balance, and if you can find the right balance of formal, yet casual, you might have yourself a winning recipe.

Finally, the crewneck. Crewnecks are the ultimate hack because you could dress them up, or down for any occasion. Like if you just want to go out to the bar or go for a run wearing the same crewneck in the same day, you absolutely, totally could. Whether your lounging up at home, or need extra layers while out in the snow, the crewneck is quite a versatile garment.

However, the sneakiness of it is that if you throw a collared shirt underneath the crewneck, it essentially becomes a whole ‘nother garment ready for whatever formal event your evening (or Zoom call) might consist of. Right now, in my closet, I have about three hoodies, two quarter zips and one crew neck… Guess which one I wind up wearing most… I’m telling you, versatile AF.

See? The versatility, function and style would definitely go a long way in making the crewneck my “eternal sweatshirt.”

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