November 26, 2022

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I Would Shit Myself If I Saw This In Person

A young adult bear was tranquilized and relocated after it wandered into a Los Angeles supermarket that was full of shoppers. I have been in grocery stores many times, but I would easily shit myself is a bear strolled inside and made it it’s home.  Shockingly, most of the shoppers and store workers were able to keep their cool. I can’t say I would be that chill in the moment. 

The Los Angeles Police Department said officers responded about 6:45 a.m. Saturday to the Ralphs supermarket in the Porter Ranch neighborhood, where shoppers initially reported multiple bears inside the store. That’s right. Not just one, but MULTIPLE FUCKING BEARS.  I have a feeling that it’s not like an Anchorman situation where Baxter will come in and save the day because he met the bears cousin.  

Officers arrived to find only one bear inside the business. It was unclear if there had been others or if the initial reports had been mistaken. David Balen, of the Porter Ranch neighborhood council, shared photos and video of the bear’s trip to the store on Facebook.

“After fleeing the scene, the bear was missing in action until found hiding under a trailer on the north east corner of Walmart,” Balen wrote. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service tranquilized the bear. This is for the best. Rather than going full Harambe, marshals settled an a tranquilizer.  The bear is doing well in its own habitat. 

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