August 16, 2022

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I want to drink with The Guinness Guru

As the fall fog rolls into LA, and sweater weather comes into full force, I can’t help but desire a cold, dark stout to fill me up.

So as a lover of Guinness, I was elated when I discovered The Guinness Guru on YouTube, doing his thing. Daragh, The Guinness Guru, is an Irishman who travels around the world trying and reviewing draft pours of Guinness. As he describes it, “I drink what I’m given and score it, simple as.”

You would think, “It’s all Guinness, it all has to taste the same, right?” Wrong. According to The Guru, every pub in the world pours their pint a wee bit differently, and he’s on a mission to find the best one, in every city.

Daragh goes from pub to pub, drinks an entire Guinness, and gives his honest review of everything from the ambiance and experience of the bar, to the price, to the condensation of the glass and even the foaming rings… The Guru knows what he’s talking about regarding the entire Guinness experience.

It’s my ASMR, I could listen to this man describe pints of Guinness all day. He has no shame and wonderful expertise. “Look at the fookin’ dome on that, gotta get a picture of dat.” He says, referring to the thick white foam topping the head of the Guinness.

This man is my hero. All I want for Christmas is to go for a sesh with Daragh, The Guinness Guru.

Check out his channel and find a review that tickles your fancy. Sláinte!

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