February 2, 2023

The Tap Daily

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I Have COVID: What Should I Do?

So as of last night I officially have COVID. I made it this long without getting it which is pretty impressive. At this points, whats the big deal? My work said I only have to take 7 days off. To me, that is way too many days. I barley have any symptoms I only have a slight sore throat.

In my time off, I’ll be doing exclusively good deeds for people. My goal is to make the world a better place. Obviously, I will be watching a lot of how-to golf videos to improve my swing. I will use my new knowledge to train other people and friends via FaceTime. This will help them with their swings and also give them the opportunity to make fun of me for having COVID. Next, I will fake cough on these facetious to have dramatic affect.

Next, I think I will learn how to make a fucking killer baked ziti. Lately Ive been looking up a lot of solid recipes online and I think the ziti route is the way to go. I can make a sweet lasagna but the baked ziti is something I haven’t tackled yet. Also, if possible, I will spend time training to learn the ABC’s backwards.

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