March 20, 2023

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I could totally land a passenger plane if I needed to

white united airlines plane

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I fly a lot, I actually quite enjoy it. From going through security at the airport… to boarding a plane and even the food service onboard, I have always been a fan of the experience of commercial aviation. However, let it also be known that I have absolutely zero flying experience. I have never once taken a real-life flight lesson or been in the cockpit of an actual plane. But between my general experience with Microsoft Flight Simulator and my ability to follow directions from air traffic control, I firmly believe… 100%… that I could land a passenger aircraft, if the emergency were to ever arise.

Seriously, if the pilots were to go down and the flight attendant came over the loudspeaker and said “does anybody know how to land a plane?” And there were no other actual pilots on board… I would 100% say yes. And be absolutely praised as the hero I’m destined to be.

Here’s the facts. It’s all a giant computer anyway. Planes nowadays are essentially Teslas with wings. I’m sure there are iPhone apps that are less-user intuitive than an Airbus A321. If I had an air traffic controller walking me through what to punch-in and press, step by step, I could easily guide this big bird down to the ground and save the lives of hundreds on board. Seriously, I grew up playing video games, and my hand eye coordination is decent. There’s no reason why I wouldn’t be able to auto-land this airship.

Unless we’re flying into Philadelphia, then I’d rather crash.

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