February 2, 2023

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I could so be a high-fashion supermodel

Ok, I’m comfortable enough in my sexuality to watch Vogue videos, (fuck off, Vogue puts out some great content). Anyway, I came across this video of how top model Vittoria Ceretti gets runway ready for New York Fashion week and couldn’t help but think, “fuck, I could do that.”

Let’s go through her day- it seems to start at 12:15 pm, when she changes into some clothes and sits on an oversized hotel chair, talking about herself while looking really hot. Easy, done. Next.

Then, two hours before the show, she gets into an Uber minivan and heads to 12 Chairs Cafe on MacDougal St. in NYC. She orders a cocktail, a San Pellegrino, and a Schnitzel Salad. That lowkey sounds like an average Tuesday lunch for me. God, could this day get any easier?

Then she heads to the studio, to get her hair and makeup done, all while surrounded by hundreds of other high-fashion international supermodels. Honestly, sounds like my kind of afternoon.

Then, a few hours later… the show happens. Vittoria gets dressed in some really fancy, oversized blazer and walks back and forth in a *decently* straight line a few times. Easy peasy, I would kill that shit.

So there you have it. I could *easily* live the life of an international high-fashion supermodel. Put me in coach, I’m ready for NYFW 2022.

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