February 2, 2023

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How to Get Into the Fall Spirit in SoCal

Fall Spirit in LA

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October has just begun, which means the fall season is well underway. From pumpkins to football to Thanksgiving turkeys, there are so many things to love about autumn. However, if you live in the eternal summer of southern California, it may not seem like much has changed, aside from the Trader Joe’s seasonal lineup. If you’re a SoCal resident, here are a few things you can do to really get yourself into the fall spirit.

Prepare for Daylight Savings

fall spirit

Sure, the official date to reset your clock this fall is November 7th, but that doesn’t mean being over-prepared is a bad thing. Gotta hit the 405 by 8 AM? With daylight savings, you don’t need to start driving until 9. Sure you may be late to work, but the sleeping benefits will be tremendous.

Hit the Pumpkin Patch

Source: ActiveRain

Because who doesn’t want to get hay stuck in their shoes amidst a CVS parking lot? There’s simply something magical about carving a pumpkin and drinking lukewarm cider with cars racing by that just screams ‘fall vibes.’

Take Cute Pics

Source: Instagram/@goodnightmacaroon

Toss on those flannels, sweaters, and beanies as you prepare to sweat your ass off in the 85-degree Southern California heat. If you live in LA, you’ll have to head towards the San Fernando valley for any fall foliage that isn’t a cluster of palm trees. Totally worth it for the ‘gram.

Pumpkin Spice

Blech. Prepare to wait for 45 minutes in the Starbucks drive-through as you await your pumpkin cream cold brew with oat milk, extra cold foam, and light pumpkin sprinkling on top. It’s orange, so it’s cute, right?

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