February 6, 2023

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How Should I Alter My Prius

Upon gazing at different truck and automobile alteration pages on Instagram, it was apparent to me that I HAD to make a change. Also, a serious change at that. My Prius is absolutely Perfect in so many ways. Its economical, efficient, roomy and attractive, but it’s always important to make changes for the better. I have made the decision to make the following changes to my 2018 Prius 2, which already has black rims:

First off, I would add a light bar. Not only are light bars safer for you and your passengers at night, but they are also useful for blinding people on the road who cut you off. These two factors are huge for me. In my mind, this will just make my Prius safer. Also, light bars don’t use that much energy to begin with. Not that it matters, my Prius already has solar panels. Not a big deal.

Next, I would have to lift it. I feel obligated to be honest, my Prius bottoms out a lot. I mean a lot. This is because it is so low to the ground and is a tiny car already. Lifting it would solve this problem for me. I’m thinking 8-9 inches at first, then maybe a full foot once I get more comfortable with it’s handling. Also, lift kits make the car loo way cooler. this will go perfect with the black rims.

Lastly, and my personal favorite, is taking the muffler off. Let’s be honest…. the coolest dudes on the road are the ones that scream past you in their 2009 Mustang making a shit load of noise because they don’t have a muffler. Thats what I want my Prius to be. Not only will this make people notice my Prius from a distance, but also it adds the spark I need. The only downer to this is that anytime I’m going under 10 mph no one will hear it because the Prius is silent at slow speeds.

What do you guys think? I know, these are all slam dunk options.

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