June 5, 2023

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How Short is too Short for Men’s Shorts?

I’m a big proponent of wearing shorts. I don’t believe in legs getting cold and I seriously think shorts are the most versatile of garments. So yesterday, when I was out for a walk, I saw a man wearing a pair of shorts that rode so far up his ass-crack, it was practically a self-imposed wedgie.

Any pair of shorts where you can clearly make out any semblance of ass-cheek is way too short. In that sense, it’s practically underwear. So here comes the inevitable question. How short is too short for men’s shorts?

Well, according to various men’s fashion websites, men’s shorts tend to come in 4ish different size variations.

So going off of this chart, anything after the 7″ inseam is gross. The perfect short length is between 2.5-3 inches above the knee. Quote me, count it as fact. So 5″ inseam it is. Any pair of shorts longer than that, just screams white trash. But on the flip side, the “Chubbies” trend of “sky’s out, thigh’s out” is just an excuse for degenerate frat bros to wear even less clothing.

Keep it classy folks.

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