March 20, 2023

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How old is too old to bring baseball glove to the game?

baseball glove and ball

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As a kid with a pretty average American upbringing, I’ve been to a fair amount of baseball games in my day. For years (when I was a child) I wouldn’t dare go to a baseball game without my trusty glove. I mean, if a ball were to come my way, I obviously wanted to put myself in prime position to do everything I can do to catch that ball. But unfortunately… I’ve never caught a home run. I’ve never caught a foul ball. I’ve never caught a ball during batting practice. I can’t even begin to imagine the pure euphoria that comes with snagging a ball hit into the crowd by the pros and rejoicing in the cheers from my fellow baseball watchers.

So while I never got to experience it as a kid, this frustration has bled on into my every day life and now, even at 24, every time I go to a ball game, I still have the tiny thought in my head that this might be the game that I finally catch a ball. But… I don’t want to be the adult walking around the stadium with a full-on baseball glove. However, I also don’t want to put myself in a spot to potentially miss out on catching the ever-elusive stadium ball. So while, it’s cooler to catch it bare handed (and even cooler to catch it IN your 24oz Stadium Beer), nothing increases your chances of catching a ball then in a good ol’ baseball glove.

I say, you can keep wearing that glove to the game with pride until you’ve caught that elusive ball. What’s better than snagging a baseball at a ball game? Own it with pride. However, just cause you catch the ball, doesn’t necessarily mean you can keep it. The brutal truth is… you could be 45 years old, catch your first baseball at a game and be overcome with all the pride and joy that years of searching has kept from you… but unfortunately, you still have to give that ball away. Don’t argue with me, that’s just the rules. Everyone knows you can’t catch a ball and NOT give it to the little kid sitting in the row behind you, that’s just poor sportsmanship.

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