February 2, 2023

The Tap Daily

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How often do I have to wash my sweatshirt?

As I sit on my couch this evening, watching Thursday Night Football, it dawns on me… holy shit, I’ve worn the same sweatshirt every single day this week. Seriously… Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, now Thursday, and I didn’t even realize it. Day in and day out, my trusty Stella Artois branded black sweatshirt has been worn, hung, worn, hung and worn again. I’m pretty much just working from home with the occasional walk to get some food, it’s not like I’m working out in this sweatshirt or anything. So it just occurred to me… when should I was this damn thing?

I’m a firm believer of clean underwear and new t-shirt everyday. So while, I *personally* might smell like crap… my sweatshirt doesn’t. Like not at all. And it’s not like there’s any stains on it. (Okay, maybe I spilled some Trader Joe’s kettle corn crumbs on it this afternoon, but nothing a light hand swap couldn’t brush off). I guess just keep wearing it until it smells, I guess? But what if it’s a B.O. situation, and you can’t even tell if it smells bad because it’s just your own odor? What if it actually reeks and my roommates are just being super polite and not telling me. I guess… Hmmmmm, Sunday. I’m definitely washing it Sunday.

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