February 2, 2023

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How many wings could I eat if BWW messed up my order?

fried chicken wings with dip on a disposable tray

Photo by Christian Moises Pahati on Pexels.com

On Twitter today, I came across a guy, Benjamin… who was handed the blessing of all blessings when he was delivered 96 wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, after only ordering 10.

That’s right, a certified illegal amount of wings to take down in one sitting… or is it? Because then, Twitter user Trevor posed the question of the century…

How many wings could you eat from BWW if you only ordered 10 and they gave you 96?

Well…. Trevor, I’m intrigued. Now, it’s horrible to let food go to waste, so I would feel an almost moral obligation to eat as many wings as I could. Just go full “Man vs. Food” mode on a random Thursday night, all for the sake of reducing “global food waste” (*wink wink*). A couple of factors come into play here. One, are they boneless or bone in wings? Two, what flavor sauces, seasonings are we talking? In the picture I see some Honey BBQ, Asian Zing and some Caribbean Jack. All these sweet sauces make these wings go down 10x easier than anything with a little habanero in it. You can rip 10 honey BBQ wings at once and not even have another thought about it. And those Parmesan garlic ones are just deadly.

If this is boneless, mild/medium wings, I could probably take down 40 of the 96, no problem. 50 would be a stretch and depending on how hungry I am, I could mayyyyybe, just maybe take down 60, and that’s pushing it. Bone-in is a slightly different story, because… while they are bigger, they actually have less meat on them (most of that mass is all bone). I’m thinking, on an empty stomach, I might be able to take down 50 bone-in wings and then maybe, just maybe, push the envelope to 70. Anything near 90, let alone 96, is just preposterous.

Let me know how many you can take down, and hopefully @BuffaloWildWings messes up my order sometime soon 😉

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