February 6, 2023

The Tap Daily

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How is this “Pooh”-sible: Rapper Pooh Shiesty Arrested for Botched Robbery

Memphis based rapper, Pooh Shiesty, is currently in federal custody as he is connected to an alleged robbery and shooting at a Miami-Dade hotel.  Shiesty was indicted by the FBI along with two accomplices after an armed robbery turned violent with two shooting victims.  

Shiesty was attempting to re-negotiate his McLaren’s rental agreement when shit went south.  Listen, I understand wanting to flex a car as a rapper… but is a rental car really necessary? During the transaction negotiation, “pooh” literally went down as Shiesty and his accomplices shot one man in the hip and the other in the ass. 

Can you imagine how brutal it must be to get shot in the ass? How can you sit on a toilet with a bullet lodged up there? Doesn’t seem like fun.  It’s pretty ironic that Shiesty will end up going to jail for shooting someone in the ass considering he will get pretty used to having regular ass injuries in jail.  

To top it all off, Shiesty was caught because everything was recorded by surveillance cameras and he forgot his Louis Vuitton handbag with $41,000 of cash inside.  Law enforcement compared the serial numbers on the money to a recent Instagram flex photo Shiesty posted in recent weeks.  This is impressively stupid. 

I don’t know what is worse: The fact that two people got shot or that a rapper chose the name “Pooh Sheisty” and wears a purse.

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