March 31, 2023

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Household Items You Can Use As A Weapon

Its always important to stay on your toes in any situation. There is value in being able to protect yourself, your family and friends alike. While at home, often people can be vulnerable in a safe place when intruders arrive. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to defend yourself and those with you, here are some top options that people have in their everyday repertoire.

First – a baseball bat. Just about everyone in the world has a baseball bat laying around. Not only are these useful for recreational fun, but they also can be used as a weapon if need be. Baseball bats were a weapon of choice in the Italian Mafia in the mid to late twenties because you don’t need to hide them. they are a part of everyday life and anyone can own one. I would elect to use a wood bat due to its increased weight and durability.

Second – lotion. I know this one is a wildcard, but lotion can be used for many purposes. Rather than just using it to moisten your skin, one could use it as a defense option for home intruders. Thats right. Pour gallons of lotion, or even olive oil, at the base of your door. When an intruder runs in, they can easily slip and fall from the lubbed up ground and injure themselves. If the lotion I scented, they won’t even notice and they would assume you just have a house that smells nice. this one will catch them off guard.

Lastly – any pot or pan in your pantry. Pots and pans when banged together are very loud and can disorient intruders as they cause you harm. Also, you can throw them great distances with great aerodynamics in flight. A pan can be swung like an axe as well causing harm to intruders and can be good in an offensive attack as well. I would recommend heating up the pan before use for added flair, if you have time.

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