March 20, 2023

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Holy F**k it’s officially sweater weather in LA

The last two mornings, it has been obtrusively freezing out. Like, “I can see my breath” cold. What the fuck? So, as of today, October 7th, 2021, I am declaring it officially sweater weather in LA (at least on the west side, it’s still probably a desert wasteland for all those neanderthal soul-less hipsters that live on the East side). That’s right, it’s time to break out the wool and warm up.

I need a fucking sweater right now, so here are some cool, local shops to get yourself suited up for the fall.



Enda King on Abbott Kinney

Also, disclaimer, I have absolutely no fashion sense and am consistency about three years behind the trends (I’m currently rocking the slim cut pants). Enjoy Sweater Weather!

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