November 29, 2022

The Tap Daily

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Have you seen these two assholes?

Ever wanna scam the government out of millions, buy some dope ass houses, and then flee town?

Take a lesson plan from the book of Richard Ayvazyan and Marietta Terabelian. This modern day Bonnie and Clyde were found guilty of submitting fraudulent loan applications to the government and obtaining nearly $21 Million of Covid Pandemic relief money, and then using the cash to buy jewelry and luxury homes in Tarzana, Glendale and Palm Desert.

After being caught, instead of staying put and being sentenced, these two wild cards basically said “fuck it”, cut their ankle monitoring bracelets and skipped town, which is fucking wild. Now the FBI considers them federal fugitives and are desperately trying to track them down.

This all sounds, super sick, right? Modern day million dollar bandits. The problem is, they weren’t scamming money from “The Man”, they were taking money that was eventually going to help innocent people who suffered because of the pandemic. Which isn’t cool at all.

It’s one thing to steal $21 Million from a billion dollar hedge fund that fucks people over for breakfast. But it’s another to take money from the government that’s eventually supposed to be used to help innocent people. That’s when a victimless crime becomes not so victimless.

If you live in a nice neighborhood in Glendale, Tarzana or Palm Desert, keep your eyes out. I have an idea of where these two might be hiding…

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