February 2, 2023

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Happy Singles Awareness Day

woman in white bed holding remote control while eating popcorn

Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels.com

While all the lovers got their day yesterday, today is a day to celebrate all of life’s most legendary bachelors and bachelorettes. That’s right, the day after Valentine’s Day is colloquially known as “Singles Awareness Day” and is a time for all the Single Kings and Queens to get their day to shine. So what does this mean?

According to the holiday’s website, “There are several benefits to being unattached. Singles can come and go as they please with no regard to a partner’s schedule, wants or needs. Career opportunity?  A single doesn’t need to consult a spouse before accepting an offer. It’s also easier for a single to keep up healthy habits. There isn’t anyone to sabotage their efforts to work out and eat healthily. Singles also tend to be more self-reliant and involved in their communities.”

Yeah… involved in our communities… right. After a day of seeing practically everyone I know somehow got into a relationship within the last twelve months… as an eternally single, hopeless romantic, I thought what better way to celebrate Singles Awareness Day than with a little self love. I’m gonna take myself to a movie, eat a great lunch, maybe go for a run, you know, treat myself to a day where I can just focus on the best thing of all… me. There’s nothing wrong with being alone, embrace it.

man with a bowl of popcorn watching tv at home
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Literally all of my roommates are in committed relationships, so while they were out at nice Valentine’s dinners, I rung in my singles awareness day solo on the couch last night, with a pint and a movie. Pure bliss. And don’t get me wrong, this isn’t some cold-blooded, conniving incel driven blog. This is for all my guys and gals out there that had to insufferably sit through yesterday watching their social feeds clogged with literally everybody and their mother in the most amazing, romantic relationships, while the last thing you ever had strong feelings for was that tres leches cake you ate for dessert a couple weeks back. Today, go do something for you.

And if you’re not single, all I’m asking for is a little love to be thrown our single-ass way today. So what if we don’t have a special Valentine? We’re not any less of a person. If my friends in committed relationships actually cared about single’s awareness day, they would take me out to dinner tonight. That’s all I’m saying. Treat yo’self. You deserve it.

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