June 5, 2023

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Happy National Fajita Day

Ahhhhh, fajitas. Amongst my white family, fajitas are our meal of choice whenever we eat out for Mexican cuisine. The presentation is impeccable. Whenever I order something else and see another table order the fajitas, I immediately regret my decision. Nothing soothes my ears better and more efficiently than hearing the sizzle build up as the waiter approaches.

While fajitas are well regarded as a Mexican meal staple, it is important to note some concerns that may arise during consumption. First, the plate is always hot. As a truth seeker, whenever a waiter tells me a plate is hot I always immediately touch it. Not only am I curious about the temperature, but I also use this information to judge the morals of the restaurant and staff. If they lie outright about the heat of my plate, what else are they lying about? Is the chicken really chicken? Or are they frying up some other mystery meat and saying its chicken? This can cause serious concerns.

Next, I always bring extra underwear. While fajitas are legally delicious, it is important to acknowledge the chance of explosive diarrhea after consumption. There have been many sleepless nights on the toilet due to this meal. However, I always find myself seeking refuge in the security and consistency of fajitas. Extra underwear, or even pants, is a must when rolling the dice like this. Lets be smart hear and plan for the worst.

Lastly, you can customize your meal to cater to your needs that day. If you are trying to cut weight, eat the meat and vegetables and leave the tortillas and rice. You can make the meal whatever you want by choosing specific ingredients to wither gain weight or lose it. Fajitas offer the versatility to stay healthy while also satisfying your desire to enjoy some authentic Mexican food. Enjoy some fajitas today.

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