February 2, 2023

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Happy National Drink Beer Day, so Drink!

Gentlemen, tis’ the day we beer drinkers and fans of the ol’ ale have been waiting for all year long. National Drink Beer day is upon us and today we must celebrate only in participation, and by participation I mean slamming beers all day long. Now I understand it may be tough to sneak a beer into the office unless you’re working from home, so tonight is also acceptable for maximum consumption. I on the other hand will be consuming the tasty golden lager of my choice all day long and will most likely put up terrible numbers at work because of it. But hey, I’m a holiday guy!

national drink beer day meme

Let’s be clear, when I say drink beer day I don’t mean Bud Light seltzers. In fact if you see someone drinking any kind of clear seltzer on a day strictly for lager, it is your divine duty to smack that beverage out of their hand and replace it with an ice cold brewski. Sure they’ll be mad at first but once you explain it’s national drink beer day then their anger should quickly melt into gratitude as they slowly realize the sin they were about to commit with that disgusting seltzer choice.

Bud Light, Guinness, IPA’s, doesn’t matter. So long as you’re drinking beer of any kind you can sleep soundly tonight knowing you were one of the most likely billion and a half people to drink a beer on this planet today. Save the wine for Wednesday and the cocktails for happy hour because today if your bartender doesn’t immediately recommend you order a beer when you sit down then you need to sprint out of that bar and find your nearest brewery. Beer has all the essential vitamins and nutrients, it’s the breakfast of champions and the dinner of sinners so get loose with a cold one and celebrate the greatest holiday aside from national sex day. Cheers, boys!

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