June 5, 2023

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Happy First Day of NHL Hockey

Last night, the NHL season officially kicked off their 2021-2022 season. I can honestly say that I’m an unbiased fan who definitely didn’t play collage hockey. Having said that, hockey is y favorite sport and I couldn’t wait for the season to kick off. After the last couple years of COVID’s bullshit, we were all ready for a normal year. In honor of the season starting, here are my top reasons why hockey is the best sport in the world.

First off, you can literally fight people for no reason. Who doesn’t love seeing a grown man punch someone in the face? I know that I sure do. In hockey, if someone pisses you off, you can literally just take your gloves off and break his jaw for the hell of it. You only get a 5 minute penalty. Isn’t that fucked up and awesome? It makes the games 10 times more entertaining and viewers are always excited for the hard action.

Next, I think that hockey players are the most athletic all around athletes other than basketball. Think about it. Hockey players need the strength of football players to throw big hits, have the hand-eye coordination of baseball players to handle the puck/shoot, have the endurance of soccer players to sprint all game and do all this while balancing on 1/4 inch steel knives attached to their feet. It takes a ton of talent to play and it can’t be taught overnight. Hockey is an athletic and fast paced sport that is awesome to watch.

Lastly, hockey is the best because its freezing cold in the arena so everyones nipples are hard the entire time. This is obviously hilarious and should be mentioned more often when discussing why hockey rules.

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