May 28, 2023

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Halloween Costume Reviews

Over this long Halloween weekend we saw a plethora of Halloween costumes. Here is an honest review of a few: 

No costume

People who don’t wear any costume are the Scrooges of Halloween. They are trying too hard to show everyone that they don’t give a fuck. Get over yourself and put on a stupid costume to participate in a children’s holiday like every other grown adult. And the ones that show up with a “this is my costume” sign taped to their shirt… you’re sooo funny HaHa. Fucking comedians. 


This is just lazy. Yeah, you look hot as shit, but slapping some cat ears on actual lingerie isn’t a costume. Be original, the bunnies and sexy devils are overdone. You know what I’ve never seen that would be hot? A sexy burrito. Be that instead.


Couple’s costume

Couple’s costumes might be the worst. Have you ever actually seen a couple together? No, you only ever see one of them and of course, it doesn’t work if they’re not together! So then they have to awkwardly explain that they’re Shaggy and that “Scooby is around here somewhere”. Just stop, you look stupid. 

People who fully commit

I’m talking about the people who go all out. Prosthetics, make-up, elaborate costume. These people crush Halloween, they are the very heart and soul of Halloween. And they’re not doing it for the hot pictures or to be cute, they are doing it out of pure passion. They will always win Halloween, we forever stan.

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