June 5, 2023

The Tap Daily

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Guys Can Drink Rose

Fellas, I know that winter is the time for whiskey, Scotch and red wine. However, the California winter is mild to say the least. Considering next week we will have 3-4 days at 80 degrees or more, lets just punt on the dark drinks and still have fun like its summer time. Drink these roses and be proud because they’re fucking fire.

Santa Margherita sparkling rose is absolutely delicious. I would suggest throwing an umbrella even a few strawberry in thatching and go to pound town. Its so good and way better than most of the other sparkling options. Guys, be proud to drink rose. Just don’t drink it after 3PM as everyone knows thats the cutoff for rose. Its obvious to say the least. However, this is expensive with an SRP of roughly $30-$33.

Seaglass rose is a still rose that packs a punch. I could drink this stuff in my sleep. It has an SRP of $8-$9 so its affordable and taste like a $30 rose. You ca find this at any retail store and it is quite popular. Also, the bottle is very aerodynamic so its easy to throw at people. I would suggest using this option in the next argument or bar fight you’re in.

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